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FoodPod Boil Bag

,silicone cooking container to America, Canada,Mexico ,Russia, Japan, Poland, Japan etc.
FoodPod Boil Bag
Silicone FoodPod Boil Bag
Item No.: YD810
Product Size: Diameter about 15cm
Product Material:Silicone ,heat-safe up to 675 degrees Fahrenheit Product Description: This drain silicone basket can be used for boiling vegetables,
it can also be used to cook other food like eggs, meat or seafood.
The handle also clips to the edge of the pot so you can pick it up easily
when cooking is done.
Silicone Drain Bag With Handle,silicone cooking container
Instructions for Use:
The foodpod is designed as a silicon bag with holes, a lid and a built-in pot clasp,
that conveniently contains any food you wish to boil, steam or blanch.
Just submerge it in the pot with the liquid, then use the clasp to simultaneously remove and drain the food.
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