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Message Cookie Cutter

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Message Cookie Cutter

Letterpress cookie mould


OEM Message-in-a-Cookie Cutters
Item No.: YD615
Product Size:heart shape-10x9x2.5cm,
start shape-11.8x11.8x2.5cm
oblong shape-9.8x7.3x2.5cm
Product Description: Biscuit cutters, with 3sets of A-Z letters totally 88 letters.
Stamp your message into the biscuit dough. Great for birthdays, weddings, etc.
Material: Food grade ABS
Customized Plastic letterpress biscuit Cutter.
1) Packing :color box.
2) Color : According to clients' specifications.
3) Welcome customized Cookie Mould order!
4) Min Order: 3000 pcs.

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